Terms of Use

The Empire Life Fast & Full Life Application process (the “Fast & Full Process”) is a Web-based tool designed for advisors to use with clients when providing quotes and completing and submitting applications for certain Empire Life insurance products, subject to these Terms of Use.

Advisors log into the Fast & Full Website using a unique user name and password. By logging into the Fast & Full Website (the “Website”), advisors (referred to below as “I” or “me”) are deemed to agree with the following Terms of Use for the Fast & Full Process:

Using the Website
  1. I understand that the Fast & Full Process and Website are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without warranty of any kind.
  2. I am solely responsible for all actions performed on the Website under my user name and password and I agree not to allow any other person to use my user name and password. I understand that I am prohibited from using anyone else's username and password to gain access to the Website.
  3. I will immediately notify Empire Life of any known or suspected unauthorized use of my user name or password to gain access to the Website or any other breach of security involving the Fast & Full Process.
Using the Application
  1. Each time I use the Fast & Full Process:
    1. I will have a valid agreement (“Broker Agreement”) with The Empire Life Insurance Company (“Empire Life”) or I will be employed or engaged by a company (eg. a National Account or Corporate Broker) that has a valid agreement (“Agency Agreement”) with Empire Life that is in full force and effect such that I am authorized to solicit applications for Empire Life insurance products;
    2. I will be properly licensed to sell life insurance products and have valid E&O insurance as required for my use of the Fast & Full Process.
    3. I will collect sufficient information about the proposed owner(s) and the intended transaction to reasonably determine the identity of the proposed owner(s) and that the transaction is lawful.
    4. When completing an application using the Fast & Full Process (the “Application”), all portions of the Application will be completed by me and/or by the proposed owner(s) and individual(s) whose life or lives are to be insured (the “Life Insured(s)”), while I am meeting in person or “non-face-to-face” with the proposed owner(s) and the Life Insured(s) (unless I have been prohibited by Empire Life from selling insurance on a “non-face-to-face” basis).
    5. I will not allow any person, including, without limitation, the GA, AGA, MGA, Corporate Broker or National Account for which I work, to complete or sign an Application on my behalf.
    6. I will comply with all requirements and instructions set out in the Application and in any rules published by Empire Life, which I understand may be amended by Empire Life from time to time.
Needs Analysis
  1. Before using the Fast & Full Process, I will determine the current life insurance needs (a “needs analysis”) of each proposed owner in order to reasonably ensure that any insurance product I recommend is suitable for each proposed owner. Credit Card Payments
Credit Card Payments
  1. I will comply with the following requirements regarding any payment made by an applicant using a credit card (“Card”) regarding an Application:
    1. I agree not to allow an Application to be submitted to Empire Life (a “Transaction”) if I know or reasonably suspect that the payment made for the Transaction is fraudulent, unauthorized by the owner of the Card (the “Cardholder”) or is prohibited.
    2. I agree not to request additional identification or data from the Cardholder, unless it is reasonably necessary to complete the Transaction or I reasonably find the circumstances of the Transaction suspicious.
    3. I agree not to use Cardholder data such as names, account numbers or other data embossed, encoded or appearing in any manner on a Card for any purpose other than in respect of the Transaction or as specifically required by law.
    4. Any personal information (as defined in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) or in other applicable provincial laws) shall only be collected, used and disclosed by me as required in connection with a Transaction and in accordance with applicable laws.
Data Security
  1. I understand that the Fast & Full Process is a web-based tool designed for use on a laptop, desktop or tablet and I will implement and maintain information security protections appropriate to the collection and transmission of sensitive personal information over the internet which at a minimum shall be equivalent to those protections commonly used in the financial services industry. I will also comply with any standards or requirements requested by Empire Life at any time and from time to time with respect to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information collected or transmitted through any electronic or other technological means.
  1. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to ensure that I comply with applicable legislation, regulatory requirements and guidelines, the Code of Ethics contained in applicable provincial legislation and the Empire Life Distribution Partner Code of Conduct (collectively, the “Requirements”) when using the Fast & Full Process and that using the Fast & Full Process, by itself, does not guarantee complete compliance with the Requirements.
  2. Empire Life may amend these Terms of Use at any time and from time to time, and I agree that every time I log-in to the Website, I will be deemed to have agreed to comply with these Terms of Use, and any amendment to them.
  3. Empire Life may deny me access to the Website at its discretion, including, without limitation, if I do not comply with these Terms of Use or if I breach a term of the Broker Agreement or if a term of the Agency Agreement is breached.
  4. All of the terms and conditions of the Broker Agreement and the Agency Agreement shall continue to apply, unless expressly amended by these Terms of Use, and these Terms of Use and any amendment to them, will be incorporated into the Broker Agreement and form a part thereof.